BOHEMIA QUELLE water PH 8,2 highly alkaline water! The mineral water is mildly mineralized, geochemical type HCO3-Na-Ca, cold, hypotonic.CZECH REPUBLIC

Nobel Prize of 1931

In 1931, a German doctor and scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg (1883-1970) was awarded the Nobel prize for discovering the key cause of cancer. Otto Heinrich Warburg described in great detail that cancer is in fact an outer result and a natural reaction of cells of any living organism to non-physiological alimentation and unhealthy lifestyle.

He claimed: “Cancer tissue is acidic but healthy tissue is alkaline. Water turns into ions H+ and OH-. When there is surplus of H + ions, the tissue is acidic; when there is a surplus of OH-, tissue becomes alkaline.”

Maintaining pH balance in the body is one of the most important tools for preserving health!

In his work, Tumourmetabolism, Dr, Warburg stated that all carcinogenic forms fulfil two basic conditions: blood acidity and hypoxia (oxygen deficiencyfor cellular metabolism). Oxygen deficiency and acidosis are two sides of one coin, if you suffer from one, you are bound to suffer from the other.

“If you deprive a healthy cell of 35 per cent of oxygen, it can turn into a cancer cell in merely two days“, Dr. Warburg claimed. “All normal cells need a large amount of oxygen but cancer cells can exist without oxygen. That is a rule of thumb.“

Dr. Warburg’s study proves that oxygen deficiency is the main cause of cancer. Decrease in oxygen levels leads to increase in acidity.

Water is extremely important for oxygen creation in our body.

He discovered that tumour cells are anaerobic (do not breath oxygen) and they cannot survive in high concentrations of oxygen. Cancerous cells can survive only with the use of glucose and the environment void of oxygen. A tumour is nothing else than a defence mechanism used by the cells in survival in an acidic environment without oxygen.

If your body is too acidic, your organism automatically lacks oxygen. When you lack oxygen, your organism is too acidic. Acidic environment always repels oxygen.

Cancer tissues are acidic but healthy tissues are alkaline.

Unhealthy acidity or beneficial alkalinity is the result of the food we eat.

After the digestion process finishes, food inside the body (according to its nutrition profile) creates conditions for acidity or alkalinity. To put it simply, the necessary alkalinity is determined chiefly by what we eat.

Unfortunately, typical American diet consists mainly of toxic acidic foods full of processed sugars, refined grains and GMOs, which leads to unhealthy hyperacidity of the organism. Unbalanced pH of your organism can cause serious health problems like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis or heart burn.

If you keep your body in the state of hyperacidity for a long time, you may significantly prolong the aging process.

Therefore, maintaining balanced pH is one of the most important tools for preservation of health.

Correct level of pH

Cancer cannot survive in alkaline and oxygen-rich environment. Unfortunately, most groceries that people consume possess very little oxygen and they are highly acidic. Meat creates strong acids and contains phosphorus and sulphur that are metabolized as phosphoric and sulphuric acid. Soda is also highly acidic as well as fried food, refined sugar and flour, processed food, alcohol, coffee, diary products, non-organic fruit, vegetables grown with pesticides and herbicides, polluted air, make-up, certain oils, sunscreen, soaps, conditioners, perfumes, tap water etc., all of that is acidic and it constitutes a potential source of disease.

If you want to be on a correct diet, you should eat at least 60% of alkaline food and avoid processed foods, that are mostly acidic. Namely sodas, sweets, fast food. Do not overdo it with salt and use it wisely. If you feel sick, increase alkaline diet to at least 80%.

It is necessary to understand that our body maintains the natural pH level. PH is the unit of acidity or alkalinity. It is measured on the scale of 0-14 – the lower the pH, the more acidic solution, the higher the pH, the more alkaline solution. When the solution is neither acidic nor alkaline, its pH is 7, which is neutral. The body balances between acidity and alkalinity by means of positively charged ions (acidic) and negatively charged ions (alkaline). The body attempts to preserve the balance and its disruption can lead to many problems.

Most people suffering from pH imbalance are acidic. This state forces the body to borrow minerals including calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium from key organs and bones in order to neutralize the acidityand remove it from the body. Due to this hard work, the body can suffer from serious and long term damage caused by high acidity that can go unnoticed for years.

Imbalance of pH is the key factor in the origin of any form of disease. The ideal balance is slightly above the neutral level around 7.2-7.4.This level makes it very difficult for viruses and diseases to survive because the immune system can successfully fight them.

Is it necessary to distinguish between the pH of blood and pH of tissues?

Opponents of the hyperacidity theory often call the theory a nonsense and claim that hyperacidity is a myth.

Their main argument is the fact that pH of blood oscillates in a narrow zone. If there is a deviation in either direction, the organism immediately starts up correction mechanisms.

They are absolutely right. But…

That is true only for blood. What about the rest of the body? Human body does not manifest the same acidity in all its partsThe pH of blood is carefully maintained in a narrow zone, lymph or intercellular space and other organs are a different case.

An average human being weighing 70 kg contains approximately 5 litres of blood. What about the remaining 65 kg? Does the body also regulate the pH there as in the case of blood?

Of course not.

If it was true, why would be measure the pH of urine? According to their theory, it should be found in a very narrow zone similar to the pH of blood.

Therefore, if you encounter people with a similar argument labelling hyperacidity a nonsense, you now have a counterargument at hand.

Loss of balanced pH in the body can cause diseases that we often label as insufficient metabolism.

From the medical point of view, alkaline pH of bodily fluids and cells.

A grown-up human being should drink and excrete approximately 2 litres of water in order for regular organism cleanse and detox to take place.

Expert opinions:

 “All so called natural deaths are nothing else than the final stage of hyperacidity,”, – Dr. George Washington Crile (1864-1943), Cleveland, USA, surgeon.

“Names of diseases are not important – it is important that all diseases have the same cause: hyperacidity in the body”. Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, the author of“Alcalize or Die”.


Acidic foods:

  • Refined sugar and its derivatives are the worst of all foods because they do not contain proteins, fats, vitamins or minerals but merely carbohydrates that harm especially pancreas. The pH of sugar can go down 2.1 (very acidic).
  • Meat (almost all sorts)
  • Animal products – milk, cheese, cream, yoghurt, etc.
  • Refined salt
  • Refined flour and its derivatives – pasta, cakes, biscuits, etc.
  • Bread
  • Margarine
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • All kinds of processed and canned food that contain artificial chemical preservatives, colourings, flavours, stabilizers, etc.

Alkaline foods:

  • Water. It is vital for natural formation of oxygen in our bodies.
  • All raw vegetables. Some taste sour but they change in the digestive tract and become alkaline.
  • Fruit. For instance, lemon becomes extremely alkaline inside the body (do not get confused by its sour taste).
  • Almonds
  • Wholegrain crops: The only alkaline grain is millet. Other grains are, unfortunately, slightly acidic but a small amount of acidic foods is also necessary for balanced lifestyle and so grains in a limited amount are also suitable for consumption. All grains should be eaten cooked.
  • Natural honey. Honey is highly alkaline.
  • Chlorophyll. Green, uncooked or unprocessed plants contain natural chlorophyll that is very alkaline.
  • Exercise. Regular exercise and manual labour also helps maintain alkalinity of the organism because it sufficiently distributes oxygen around the body. Lifestyle lacking physical movement leads to premature aging of the organism.