Oxidation and reduction potential (ORP) - 206 mV has regenerating features and it is a natural antioxidant! Natural mineral water that is mildly mineralized, geochemical type HCO3-Na-Ca, cold, hypotonic.

Characteristics of natural mineral waters are determined by their composition, i.e. organic and inorganic substances dissolved inside them.

General physical and chemical features – especially ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) – are equally important.

The value of ORP -206 and pH 8.2 of the natural mineral water Bohemia Quelle reflect the values of water with regeneration properties serving as an antioxidant.

Oxidation Reduction Potential is a unit of chemical activity of elements or substances mixed in reversible processes with ion charge change. The value of each redox reaction is calculated in millivolts (mV) and it can be positive as well as negative.

Electron activity constitutes an important characteristics of the inner environment of organisms because it is directly related to basic life processes. Virtually all biologically significant systems employing accumulation and consumption of energy, replication and transfer of hereditary features and various enzymatic systems contain molecular structures with different charges.

When regular drinking water penetrates the tissues of human organism, it takes electrons out of tissue cells that consist of 70-80 % water. In the end, biological structures of organism are prone to oxidation destruction. Oxidation processes begin to prevail over regenerating processes, defensive power and functions of vital organs begin to slow down and they are unable to withstand on their own. Therefore, the organism gets worn out, old and the vital organs lose their functionality. It is possible to slow down the oxidation processes over renovation processes with the help of antioxidants.

These negative processes can be slowed down if the organism is replenished by water with the characteristics of the inner environment of the organism. In order for the organism to use water by optimal means during metabolic processes, it is desirable for ORP of the water to be close to ORP of the inner environment because the electrical energy of cells is not wasted on corrections of water electron activity. Water is digested immediately because it is biologically compatible of this parameter.

If water has significantly lower ORP than the reduction potential of the inner environment, the energy is then transferred to the organism as a reserve of antioxidant protection against unfavourable influences from the outer environment.

Water with negative ORP values and pH higher than 7 is sometimes called “WATER OF LIFE”. BOHEMIA QUELLE fulfils both of these conditions!

The inner environment of the human organism in the regenerated state manifests ORP from -100 to -200 mV and pH of 7.2-7.4.

ORP of normal drinking water (tap water, bottled water, etc.) measured by the same method is almost always higher than zero and it usually amounts to +200 – +300 mV.

Such differences in ORP of the inner environment of the human organism mean that the electron activity inside the human body is higher than the activity of electrons in water.

Water with negative values of ORP is necessary for human cells as they do not have to waste a lot of energy on correction of parameters of the utilized water. The closer the water parameters to the parameters of the inner environment, the easier it is to use the water in metabolic processes.

Scientists claim that if the body has to balance the redox processes constantly, it is one of the main causes of disharmony. Therefore, it is wise to consume water with negative ORP as it is also a strong antioxidant.