Water Bohemia Quelle contains HUMIC SUBSTANCES AND FULVIC ACID, that are labelled a “LIFE ELIXIR”.

Humic substances are created as a result of humification of plant and animal residue in the nature by means of anaerobic microbiological decomposition, fermentation and mineralization.

The basic element of humic complexes is the fulvic acid that is the leading active substance of the complex.

Many scientists researched the fulvic acid as a separate substance with unique features. The scientists claim that fulvic acids have extraordinary characteristics and they are an “elixir of life” and the key to health.

Fulvic acid is neither true acid nor a mineral. However, it possesses a unique ability to bind attract and bind positive ions, which makes her a crucial for transfer of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The fulvic acid contains 74 organic minerals, 10 vitamins and 18 amino acids. It has low molecule weight and it is able to activate “sleeping” neutrons through intensification of cellular respiration.

Fulvic acid is an extremely strong organic electrolyte with antiviral features. Due to fulvic acid, the electric potential of any live cell gets renovated and it becomes helthy and active.

Fulvic acid is the strongest natural antioxidant. It is able to shape free radicals chemically into neutral compounds or get rid of them as waste and transport them out of the cell.

It is superb for body detox, transport of nutrients as well as in neutralization of radioactive substances that can penetrate the body in certain situations.

Long term use of humic acids and fulvic acids positively influence the functioning of liver and speeds up regeneration of damaged liver cells.

Fulvic acids contain higher percentage of oxygen (48%) than carbon (45%).

Fulvic acid is the strongest known antioxidant with more than 14 tetra trillion electrons that can be taken in or released.

It is estimated that fulvic acids decrease active formation of calcium stones.

The comparative analysis of fraction organic composition and qualitative assessment of physio-chemical composition of mildly mineralized water from the well BQ-2 (Rohatec-Soboňky, Czech Republic)showed that the water is analogic to the mineral waters “Naftusja” (Ukraine) a „Fuji“ (Italy) and it can be used for rehabilitation after the treatment of urinary and reproduction tract diseases.

Why are there is the highest degree of longevity among inhabitants of mountainous areas? The answer is simple. Mountain soil is rich in micronutrients. Local inhabitants consume local vegetables and gain all the necessary micronutrients and minerals also thanks to the fulvic acid. As a result, inhabitants of mountainous areas hardly ever suffer from diseases like diabetes, arthritis, glaucoma, osteoporosis, cataract, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, cancer…

Fulvic acid:

– dissolves gall-bladder and kidney stones
– prevents formation of calcium stones
– activates neutrons and mobilizes the whole immune system.
– actively hunts free, oxygen and hydroxyl radical
– absorbs and excretes toxins
– prophylactic use and fulvic acids in flu pandemics.